Atlantic Concealment Announces New Line of Microwave Concealment Products


Windham, Maine: The Solid and Flexible MicrowaveWindow provides a concealment solution for antennas up to 8 feet and frequencies up to 80 GHZ. They are typically used within other concealment products, such as RF friendly chimneys screenwalls, cupolas or as a stand alone unit.

The Solid MicrowaveWindow offers very low insertion loss for a wide variety of frequencies up to 80 GHz an sizes below 4 feet. A better solution then sandwich panel or fiberglass designs. Microwave sandwich panels exhibit high VSWR nodes at various microwave frequency bands and fiberglass panels do not meet critical dielectric and machining tolerances. By presenting a low dielectric constant/loss tangent, the Solid MicrowaveWindow panel is electrically ̉thinÓ as compared to M/W band wavelengths, allowing the panel to exhibit superior RF properties for the common microwave bands. The panel can be painted to match an existing site. A hydrophobic coating is also available to address surface moisture collection.

The Flexible MicrowaveWindow offers an extremely low loss approach for microwave concealment up to 80 GHz. Most important, the fabric based design provides concealment for dishes up to 8 ft. A proprietary FRP pre-tensioned frame system keeps the membrane tensioned in all weather conditions. Multiple colors and material chemistries are available. Applications include commercial, government and military microwave antenna locations requiring antenna concealment with little affect to RF path losses.

About Atlantic Concealment

Atlantic Concealment, LLC, headquartered in Windham, Maine, designs, engineers and manufactures innovative wireless site concealment solutions for wireless carriers throughout North America who seek concealment options that meet the strictest zoning and building codes.

Concealment products feature low-loss RF electrical characteristics while offering long durability under the most demanding weather conditions. All engineered products are RF friendly and offer concealment solutions through the microwave bands.

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